We offer old style attention to detail and customer service
We do the job properly the first time, don’t cut corners and guarantee our workmanship
Approved and used by the major insurance companies
Quality results, value for money, quick turnarounds
Chosen by some of the biggest names in the industry

We specialize in spray painting commercial and industrial vehicles, but we also service smaller vehicles and commercial / retail structures. We work on small jobs like bike frames to large industrial trucks.

We also specialize in fleet branding, and are trusted by a number of industry leaders.

Thorough Preparation

We get the results we do because we take time to thoroughly clean and prepare the surface of your truck or vehicle. Depending on the type and age of the vehicle, we will use steam and high pressure water cleaning, sanding and abrasive blasting when necessary.

We take particular care of all glass elements, hose, electrical and hydraulic fittings. Only when we’re happy with the entire surface of the vehicle do we proceed to spray painting.


Pro Colour Spray Booths – clean, air tight, dust free

We have 2 dedicated spray booths which accommodate large commercial and industrial vehicles. Our spray booths are clean, air tight and dust free to ensure the best possible results.


Fleet branding

We understand that your fleet branding is an integral part of your marketing. At Pro Colour, we have the experience, expertise and purpose built facility to ensure precise standards are met every time. This, together with our insistence on working to the highest standards, is why we’re trusted by some of the biggest names in the business.

Our aim is to produce a result of exceptional quality and to get your fleet on the road as quickly as possible.


Exact match colour / quality paints

We use the latest computerized paint matching technology to achieve an exact match to your brand’s colour.


Your own branding file

At the end of each fleet branding job, we take a series of photos which we then keep on file. This ensures all future work matches the colours and design produced during the first job. We know how important it is for your branding to be accurate and consistent among your entire fleet.


‘Old style’ detail, care, exacting standards

If we are working on a fleet of vehicles for you, we implement the same exacting processes in the preparation, application and finishing stages for each vehicle that we apply in our other services. Your vehicle surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepared; paint is evenly applied for complete coverage in rooms that are purpose built; and your vehicle is cleaned and detailed ready for delivery.


We also guarantee our workmanship.

Our customers are loyal for a reason. Find out why.

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